5 Day Administrator Course for SolarWinds

Get more from your SolarWinds platform with classroom-based training from Prosperon Networks

Overview of the Administrator Course
The 5 Day Administrator Course for SolarWinds® is designed to give you the knowledge to use SolarWinds as a fully proactive monitoring tool and covers installation, configuration and maintenance, to help you get more from your SolarWinds platform.

The course covers all the SolarWinds Network and Systems Management modules, empowering you to go beyond out-of-the-box configurations using advanced techniques on alerting, reporting and creating unique dashboard views. Giving you the skills to meet your organisations monitoring needs. This is a classroom-based course with a mixture of in-depth technical sessions and hands-on labs led by a SolarWinds Certified Trainer. Spaces are filling up fast so register your interest to attend now.

Course Timetable

Dates Location Availability
18th – 22nd Nov 2019 Worthing, West Sussex No Availability
24th – 28th Feb 2020 Worthing, West Sussex Limited Availability
18th – 22nd May 2020 Worthing, West Sussex Spaces Available
21st – 25th Sept 2020 Worthing, West Sussex Spaces Available
30th Nov – 4th Dec 2020 Worthing, West Sussex Spaces Available

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What You Will Learn on the Course


Maintain Performance & Ongoing Maintenance

Learn how to maintain the performance and ongoing maintenance of your SolarWinds platform to keep it healthy and running smoothly.


Avoid False Positives with our Alerting Best Practices

See the issues that only really matter to you. We show you how to avoid false positives with our alerting best practices.


Automate Device & Application Discovery

Learn how to automate discovery with our best practices for grouping options, and how to create dependencies in SolarWinds Core modules.


Collect & Monitor Specific Device Data

Understand how to collect and monitor the specific device data your business requires, so you can…


Create Reports for Individual Stakeholders

Be proactive by creating & scheduling reports based on the requirements of different stakeholders in your organisation.


Provide Powerful Dashboard Views for Multiple Users

Provide powerful dashboard views based upon the needs of multiple user types (mgmt, servicedesk, netadmin/sysadmin/noc engineers.

Useful Resources

Unless otherwise stated, the 5 Day Administrator Course for SolarWinds is held at our training facility, located at:

Argyll House
15 Liverpool Gardens
West Sussex
BN11 1RY
United Kingdom

Existing SolarWinds Users: This course is highly recommended for anybody that is currently using SolarWinds and wants to get a deeper understanding of the platform and how to take full advantages of its capabilities.

New SolarWinds Users: This course provides an excellent foundation to anybody who will be using SolarWinds tools as part of their role. It covers all core features, advanced capabilities and will reduce the learning curve dramatically.

Pre-Requisitions: Attendees should have at least a basic understanding of networking concepts and terminology to activity participate on this course.

Prosperon Networks
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SolarWinds delivers powerful and affordable IT management software to over 100,000 customers worldwide. SolarWinds eliminates the complexity found in traditional enterprise IT management solutions, delivering unexpected simplicity while addressing any IT management problem.

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