Webinar: Understanding Database Health Versus Performance with SolarWinds

Why it’s essential to monitor both & how SolarWinds database performance analyser can help

Database Health Versus Performance
In this FREE Webinar on Thursday 27th July, you will explore the key differences between database health versus performance and why it’s essential for DBAs to monitor both for a well-running database environment.

Discover how to pinpoint the cause of database performance issues and quickly resolve them with SolarsWinds® Database Performance Analyser. Learn techniques to eliminate database performance bottlenecks and how these techniques combined with increased overall database visibility can in turn improve application performance, streamlined end-user experience and positively benefit your overall business. A senior SolarWinds DBA will lead the webinar and demonstrate the core functionality of SolarWinds Database Performance Analyser. Register your place now.

What You Will Learn


The Importance of Database Health & Performance

Understand why focusing solely on health/resource consumption leaves you open to overlooking critical database performance metrics


Pinpoint the Root-Cause of Performance Issues

Stop resolving only the symptoms of database problems by quickly identifying the root-cause with advanced troubleshooting techniques


Techniques to Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks

Increase application performance by quickly identifying and eliminating underlining database performance bottlenecks

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Robert Mandeville is a Senior DBA with over 15 years of experience in database technologies. He has served in many roles, including production DBA, development DBA, and architect on a variety of platforms.

Robert Mandeville

Product Marketing Manager, SolarWinds

Jesus Mingarro is the Sales Manager at Prosperon Networks. Jesus specialises in adding value to SolarWinds customers by helping them maximise and better utilise their SolarWinds solutions.

Jesus Mingarro

Sales Manager, Prosperon Networks

Date & Time

Thursday, 27th July 2017

10:00 am to 11:00 am GMT

Useful Resources

Database Administrators: Interested in learning why monitoring both database health and performance is essential to maintain a high-performing database environment; and/or want to evaluate SolarWinds Database Performance Analyser as an alternative to competitive database performance management solutions.

Application Managers: Interested in learning how greater visibility into database health, consumption and performance helps to accurately identify and resolve database performance problems quickly, which in turn increases overall application performance and delivers a more efficient and streamlined end-user experience.

System Administrators: Interested in learning about database troubleshooting best practices, and how SolarWinds simplifies database health and performance management.

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